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Our Team

With multiple areas of expertise, our dream team offers content creation services and assistance with any media needs.

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Executive Producer/Director

Photography | Film | Graphic Design

Rodrigo has his BFA in New Media from the University of Lethbridge. His films have been in film festivals around the world. A director, cinematographer, writer, photographer, graphic designer, film editor, music engineer, musician, and producer, Rodrigo does it all. He loves anything creative, especially when it comes to filmmaking.



Executive Producer/Director/Artist

Illustration | Graphic Design | Photography | Motion Graphics

Shannon is a New Media B.F.A graduate from the University of Lethbridge. She focuses on film and post-production. Her skill set includes graphic artist, set/prop designer, animator, editor, SFX artist, producer, and director. She is a Jack of all trades and loves a challenge. Building and creating unique worlds through every art form is what Shannon loves to do.

"A new vision, is in the hands of its creator"



Executive Assistant/Actor/Writer

Actor | Intimacy/Fight Choreographer

A writer, actor, intimacy/fight choreographer, and impromptu performer. After graduating from the UofL with a BFA in Dramatic Arts in 2019, Brent has had his eyes set on the development within the Lethbridge film and live performance community. You can find Brent regularly performing Saturdays at DiDi's Playhaus, or working with the Lethbridge College as an Instructional Assistant.

"A large part of who we are is what we surround ourselves with, and I find Lethbridge the surround sound version of a good time"




Photography | Cinematography | Video Editing

With a B.F.A. in New Media and B. Mgt in Marketing, Jared has a unique insight into both the artistic and management side of production. A cinematographer, colourist, film editor, and marketing specialist by trade. Jared has a keen eye for detail and subtext that he pours into every project.

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